Welcome to the demo installation of ILIAS
Note: At the moment we are only offering a German version of the demo. The English version will be offered soon.
Try out ILIAS and simply use one of the following dummy users:
  • anna (Learner)
  • benno (Tutor)
  • claudia (Tutor)
  • david (Learner)
Or have a look at organisation-units and use one of the following 'superior' dummy users:
  • lisa (superior over all departments)
  • simon (superior of one department)
Password for all dummy accounts is:
Or you can create your own user account via the link "New Account Registration" below. With this account you can also create your own objects in the sandbox. During the weekly reset in the night from Wednesday to Thursday, all users are deleted again.

Login to ILIAS

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Attention: This installation will be reset weekly on Thursday night. Your account and the content you have created or changed will be deleted.