Welcome to the demo installation of ILIAS
Note: At the moment we are only offering a German version of the demo. The English version will be offered soon.
Try out ILIAS and simply use one of the following dummy users:
  • anna (Learner)
  • benno (Tutor)
  • claudia (Tutor)
  • david (Learner)
Or have a look at organisation-units and use one of the following 'superior' dummy users:
  • lisa (superior over all departments)
  • simon (superior of one department)
Password for all dummy accounts is:
Or you can create your own user account via the link "New Account Registration" below. With this account you can also create your own objects in the sandbox.

Login to ILIAS

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Attention: This installation will be reset weekly on Thursday night. Your account and the content you have created or changed will be deleted.