User Agreement

1. ILIAS Learning Management System

ILIAS is a Learning Management System for supporting web-based teaching and learning. It is open source software that is published under the General Public Licence (GPL). As clearly explained in the licence, there is no warranty for this free software.
If you have questions concerning ILIAS or if you want to contribute to the project, please contact the ILIAS core team or visit ILIAS' homepage at

2. ILIAS Demo Installation

The ILIAS team is offering this demo installation for test purposes. This installation is using the latest stable ILIAS version. You can use this installation for trying out ILIAS and getting a first impression of its capabilities.

  • Please do not use this installation for production purposes!
  • There is no warranty for a faultlessly use of this installation!
  • The installation will be resetted every Wednesday night (GMT) and all registered users and their content will be deleted.
  • Due to system maintenance or for technical reasons, this installation might be set offline without any premonition. Also any content or settings might be erased without warning.
If you observe a technical problem of this installation, please notify

3. Content and Copyright

Please respect all copyright regulations! Do not publish any content in this installation for that you have not the rights of use and distribution.