ILIAS 5.4 Demo
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Features and Options


Structure your learning resources. Define roles and permissions to control access. Have a look at our scenario examples for schools, universities and companies. 

Personal Desktop

Access your courses and groups quickly. Manage your mail, notes, calendar, profile and privacy settings.

Course Management

Create courses, manage members, provide resources, use the calendar and more.


Foster collaboration between your users using groups.

Content Management

Create learning modules and glossaries. Use our SCORM 1.2 and 2004 certified run-time-environment and SCORM editor. Edit and re-use style sheets.

Booking Tool

Manage consultations hours and the booking of various resources.


Develop knowledge collaboratively and easily.

Discussion Forum

Discuss in forums using a WYSIWYG editor and attachments.

Test & Assessment

Use tests to assess the learning outcome of your users. Re-use questions from question pools and perform online exams.


Use surveys to evaluate your e-learning.

How to use the demo


Log in with a pre-defined user or register your own account. Please note that this installation will be cleaned up every Thursday morning, around 3 a.m.


Here you find some scenarios for using ILIAS in schools, universities and companies.


Try out ILIAS and create your own content to get an impression on how ILIAS is working.


Here you find a short Video-Tutorial about how to use this Demo-Installation.